Caracal Models CD 48138: F-117

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Scott Van Aken

This particular Caracal Models sheet is for the Tamiya or Revell kits of the F-117A. Since these aircraft are basically black with low visibility markings and any art work put on the inside of the bomb bay doors, I've simply shown the cover artwork instead of all the separate planes. You can see all of them on the Caracal Models web site by following the various links.

There are four named aircraft, all of them when the F-117s were with the 37th TFW. They then moved to the 49th FW, replacing that unit's F-15s and stayed there until disbanded. The majority of the markings are from the 49th.

There are 13 options on this sheet:

 80-0788, 49th FW commander's jet, 2007

86-0839, 49th OG commander's jet, 2006

82-0806, 7th FS, "Vega 31" - the F-117 shot down over Yugoslavia 1999

84-0811, 410th FLTS, Edwards AFB, 2007

81-10797, 7th FS commander's jet, Holloman AFB, 2006

82-0800, 8th FS commander's jet, Holloman AFB, 2007

 84-0809, 9th FS commander's jet, Holloman AFB, 2007

86-0837, 7th FS, Holloman AFB, 200688-0842, 8th FS, Holloman AFB, 2003

86-0823, 9th FS, Holloman AFB, 2007

82-0803 "Unexpected Guest", 416th TFS, 1991

85-0814 "Final Verdict", 416th TFS, 1991

85-0834 "Necromancer", 416th TFS, 199185-0825 "Mad Max", 416th TFS, 1991

88-0841 "Mystic Warrior", 416th TFS, 199186-0821 "Sneak Attack", 416th TFS, 1991

The decals are superbly printed by Cartograf and instructions provide placement information. There are enough common markings and stencils for one aircraft. If you wish to do more, then you can use the kit decals.

April 2019

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