Caracal Models CD 48128: F-100D in Vietnam part 2

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Scott Van Aken

Early in the Vietnam War, the most used fighter bomber was the F-100D Super Sabre. Though designed as an interceptor, it proved its worth as a ground attack aircraft that could also be used for air defense. Early F-100Ds in Vietnam were in overall silver paint and the first two options on this sheet are so painted. In fact, the first option is one whose pilot claimed a probable against a MiG-17. The other two are in the standard SEA camouflage.

This is what is included: 

F-100D 55-2894 (Capt. Don Kilgus), 416 TFS, Da Nang AB

F-100D 56-3285 "Pretty Penny", 481 TFS, Tan Son Nhut AB

F-100D 56-3265 "Iron Bird", 308 TFS, Tuy Hoa AB

F-100D 56-3392 "Turtle Mountain Express", 306 TFS, Tuy Hoa AB

The markings are printed by Microscale so are a known high quality. You are provided sufficient markings for one silver and one camouflaged aircraft. While the market is not flooded with kits in this scale, most will go for the Monogram or Trumpeter kit. The Trumpeter kit has a poorly shaped intake that needs replaced. There is also the ESCI kit, but it is not a good kit at all, though it might supply the new intake you need.

July 2018

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