Caracal Models CD 48126: U-2S/TR-1A & ER-2

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Scott Van Aken

The U-2 has fascinated modelers for a long time and thanks to Italeri, there is a nice model of it in 1/48 scale. This particular sheet provided markings for a dozen of the newer aircraft. For those who are not aware, the airframes for the U-2S, TR-1, and ER-2 are the same. In fact, the U-2S is simply what the TR-1 was redesignated after the end of the last Cold War.

None of the airplanes on this sheet are shown with the large upper antenna, but since most of the options in the instructions show only the fin, that doesn't mean the plane you choose did not have it so check photo references.

It is nice to see the NASA ER-2s on this sheet as their markings with the blue and gold trimmed stripes are particularly nice looking. I have never understood why there are no insignia on the USAF planes, but perhaps it has to do with radar reflection or something.

Here is what is on the sheet. Some of these have fin art work.

U-2S 68-10337, USAF 9th RW, Beale AFB - 2015

U-2S 80-1069, USAF 9th RW, Beale AFB - 2012

U-2S 68-10329, USAF 9th RW, Beale AFB - 2012

TU-2S 80-1078, USAF 9th RW, Beale AFB - 2013

U-2S 80-1092, USAF 9th RW, Osan AB - 2016

U-2S 68-10336, USAF 9th RW, Warner-Robins AFB - 2005

TR-1A 80-1074, USAF 17th RW, RAF Alconbury - 1992 (with tail art)

TR-1A 80-1087, USAF 17th RW, RAF Alconbury - 1991 (with tail art)

TR-1A 80-1071, USAF 9th RW, Beale AFB - 1993 (with tail art

TR-1A 80-1099, USAF 17th RW, RAF Alconbury - 1991 (with tail art)

ER-2 "809", NASA, Armstrong Flight Research Center markings

ER-2 "809", NASA, Dryden Flight Research Center markings

The decals are nicely printed by Cartograf and there is more info on each option on the Caracal web site.

November 2017

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