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Scott Van Aken

It is a surprise to many modelers that, after all these years, there still has not been a replacement mold for the old Hawk U-2A. In fact, the molds were altered by Testors to do the C version, which has larger intakes. I have not seen the recent reissue of this kit to see if it has the older A model intakes, but I can tell you that a lot of upgrade bits have been made for this kit over the years.

Thanks to the lack of a currently available aftermarket sheet, modelers have been somewhat stifled on markings options, but that is now a thing of the past with this sheet from Caracal Models. There are ten different markings options for the early U-2 in a variety of schemes. Note that most of the schemes we thought were black are actually a very dark blue.

Here is what we have:

U-2A 56-6701, USAF - Air Force Flight Test Center, USAF

U-2A 56-6715, USAF - 4080th SRW, 1960

U-2A 56-6703, USAF - 4080th SRW, 1958

U-2A "N800X", Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

U-2A "N803X", Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

U-2A 56-6682, USAF - 4080th SRW, 1961

U-2F 56-6676, USAF - shot down over Cuba during Cuban Missile Crisis (Maj. Rudolf Anderson's airplane)

U-2A 56-6681, USAF - 4080th SRW,

U-2A 56-6722, USAF - "Project Hi-Cat", 1967

U-2C 56-6680, USAF - 100th SRW, 1976

The set comes with full color instructions as well as wing walk markings. Note that there are fairings of different sizes on some of these planes as well as other mods. Upper and lower markings information is also supplied. In addition, you get extra serial numbers in case you wish to do other planes. The decals themselves are superbly printed by Cartograf.

If you have this kit, then this is the sheet for you.

December 2016

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