Caracal Models CD 48113: ANG P-51D Mustang

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Scott Van Aken


After WWII, the USAAF/USAF had a considerable surplus of aircraft and pilots. Many of the pilots returned to civilian life, but still wanted to fly the aircraft they had during the war. This surplus allowed many of the ANG units that had been reformed to be well manned and equipped. Many flew the P-51D Mustang and while quite a few lost their planes to the Korean War, this was not always the case.

This particular sheet continues Caracal Models' nice sheets on ANG Mustang by providing three nice options. These markings are sized for the Tamiya kit and they are very nicely printed by Microscale. No dates are given for these options, but they are either late 1940s or early 1950s. Note that there are sufficient common markings for one aircraft so those wanting to build more would be advised to get the F-51D boxing of the Tamiya kit.

First up is with the 187 FIS, Wyoming ANG. This one has spinner, wing tips and stab tips in yellow. The builder does not have to paint the fin as that yellow is included.

Next is a 155 FIS, Tennessee ANG plane. This one also has yellow markings that will need to be painted on the nose, wing tips, stab tips and the fin tip. This unit also had the gear doors painted yellow.

The final option is probably the least colorful of the lot. This 148 FIS, Pennsylvania ANG plane simply has white on the fin tip. The sheet provides two unit badges for the side, one outlined in white and the other in red.

If you are a fan of post war ANG, then this one simply has to be in your decal stash.

December 2016


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