Caracal Models CD 48111: FB-111 Dark Varks

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Scott Van Aken

The FB-111 was an aircraft developed by a need for a strategic bomber rather quickly, not necessarily because a new design was made. As usual, a small number was made, only sufficient for two bomb wings. Though there was a bit more to it, it was a combination of the USAF F-111A with the longer wings of the USN F-111B. All of them were painted in the SIOP scheme initally, but were later in the much darker two color scheme. That is what is contained on this sheet. Later in its career, the planes were named after various WWII bombers, complete with nose art in some cases.

This sheet has nine different options with enough common markings for two aircraft. The reommended kit is by Academy or is various Chinese knockoffs.

This is what is included: 

FB-111A 69-6509 "Max Effort / Spirit of the Seacoast", 509BW, USAF

FB-111A 69-6508 "Strange Cargo", 509BW, USAF

FB-111A 68-0287 "Liberator II", 509BW, USAF

FB-111A 68-0284 "Next Objective", 509BW, USAF

FB-111A 69-6513 "Top Secret", 509BW, USAF

FB-111A 68-0265 "Net Results", 380BW, USAF

FB-111A 67-0163 "Moonlight Maid", 380 BW, USAF

FB-111A 67-7192 "Slightly Dangerous", 380 BW, USAF

FB-111A 69-6507 "Madame Queen", 380 BW, USAF

The markings are printed by Microscale so are a known high quality.

July 2018

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