Caracal Models CD 48093: F-16C/D Dark Vipers

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Scott Van Aken

Recently, some ANG F-16s have been seen flying in a very dark paint scheme that is different from the standard, lighter greys. With the draw-down in regular USAF units, several ANG units have been given the wild weasel mission. As a result, they have been repainted in a darker, radar absorbing paint (RAM). This is to provide the aircraft with a bit more of an edge in getting close to enemy radar sites so they can perform their job. This paint is listed in the instructions as FS 36170 Dark Grey. From what I can gather, only AKAN offers this color ready to paint. If you know of more, please let me know.

This sheet offers markings for five aircraft from two different squadrons. No particular kit is specified so the markings should fit just about any 1/48 F-16C/D.

Three of the planes are from the 179 FS, Minnesota ANG. There are block 50 'big mouth' aircraft. Two F-16Cs and a single F-16D are provided. Note that on these and the other planes, the radome, intake lips and wing tip missile rails are FS 36320.

The other two options are from the 157 FS, South Carolina ANG. There planes are painted in an identical manner. These are block 52 planes so are the 'small mouth' versions. Since not all companies build both block kits, your choice of kit may be determined by which you choose to build. Note that it would not be incorrect to paint this plane in the old scheme.

Caracal provides excellent full color painting and markings information. The decal sheet is printed by Cartograf and you are provided with enough data markings and insignia to do one plane from each unit.

November 2015


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