Caracal Models CD 48092: B-1B Lancer

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Scott Van Aken

Many of us have the big Revell B-1B kit and despite the need to upgrade it to current standards, one thing that we have been missing has been some quality alternate markings for it. Caracal Models has produced a nice sheet for this aircraft just for this kit.

All of the aircraft are in overall 36118 Gunship Grey. Those using Model Master enamels need to know that this shade has been discontinued along with most other modern US colors.

There are five planes on the sheet and all are named. These cover two bases and three units. 

From Dyess AFB we have with the 7th Bomb Wing with an example from each of its remaining squadrons; 85-0073 "Dark Knight", 9th BS and 86-0126 "Hungry Devil", 28th BS. Also based at Dyess with the 34 TW is 86-0132 "Oh! Hardluck", 337th TES. This latter is the test squadron. With only two wings left flying the B-1, it was logical to locate this unit with one of the two extant wings.

The other is the 28th Bomb Wing at Ellesworth AFB. As with the 7th, there are two remaining squadrons and examples from each of them; 86-0139 "Dakota Queen", 34th BS and 86-0121 "Symphony of Destruction", 37th BS

The decal set includes full markings including wing walk markings and full stencils, such as they are. The decals are superbly printed by Microscale and will be a big help when you do your B-1B kit.  

January 2016


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