Caracal Models CD 48091: F-15A/C Hawaiian Eagles

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Scott Van Aken

The first four variants of the F-15 Eagle are somewhat unique in the annals of the modern USAF. Unlike their Naval cousins, the F-14, the F-15A-D has never had to carry air to ground ordnance. That 'honor' has been left to the dedicated ground attack F-15 Strike Eagle. Despite its age, the early Eagles are still in unit service with a number of ANG squadrons as well as a few regular USAF squadrons.

One of the earliest ANG units to get the F-15 is the 199FS based at Hickam AFB in Hawaii. This unit shares the runways with Honolulu International Airport. This particular sheet provides markings for four airplanes.

Two of the options are F-15As in the old scheme and with more color in the unit markings from 1990.

The other two options are F-15C in the Mod Eagle scheme from 2009.

The sheet provides enough data markings and insignia to allow two planes to be built from this sheet; one F-15A and one F-15C. Note that if building an F-15A, the fin bands go on both the inside and outside of the fin. If doing one of the later schemes, these markings and the tail codes are only on the outside.

As a point of interest, in 2010 the 199FS became the first ANG unit not associated with a regular USAF unit to fly the F-22A. However, not all the unit is ANG as there is a substantial cadre of regular USAF personnel attached.

 The sheet is printed by Cartograf and the full color instruction booklet provides lots of information.

November 2015


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