Caracal Models CD 48084: O-2 Skymaster

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Scott Van Aken

This is the first sheet I've seen on this aircraft, and I'm, quite pleased that Caracal Models has decided to do it. The only current kit available is the venerable Testors version (which may well have been a Hawk kit). It is a kit that really needs aftermarket as it is pretty basic, as one would expect from something that old.

The sheet offers five different markings options, covering a variety of aircraft. Note that apparently the kit does not come with the lower windows so these have been provided as black decals. Also note that the serial number on the all black option is speculative. Apparently there are photos of these planes, but none show the serial clearly enough to determine what it is. Note also that the Portuguese version is a Rheims 337 so may well differ in some areas from the O-2. That aircraft is painted in an SEA camouflage scheme.

Here is what is on the sheet: 

O-2 Skymaster 67-21331, USAF

O-2 Skymaster 67-21422, California ANG

O-2 Skymaster 68-7602, USAF

O-2 Skymaster 67-21402, USAF (Vietnam)

O-2 Skymaster 67-21349, US Army

Reims-Cessna FTB337 Skymaster "13704", Portuguese Air Force

The decals themselves are printed by Microscale and you are provided with striping where it is needed. The instructions are very well done and provide upper and lower reference drawings in full color for all the complex schemes. Note that I've darkened the sheet to allow the white bits to be more easily seen. To see all the markings options, visit the link below.

 May 2016


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