Caracal Models CD 48080: F-15C/D Lakenheath Eagles

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Scott Van Aken

Caracal Models has come out with a nice sheet that covers a unit that is not on most modeler's radar. In this case is the the F-15Cs of the 493 FS based at Lakenheath, one of the few US units still based in the UK. At one time this unit was part of the all F-111 48th fighter wing based there, but as the F-111 went away, the three squadrons reformed flying F-15s, the 492 and 494 FS going to the F-15E. These are the only F-15s still based in Europe.

The sheet covers four aircraft, one of them being an F-15D. All of them are MSIP II planes and as such, the recent GWH kit is the one that is recommended as it has all the upgrades. All the planes are camouflaged in the Mod Eagle scheme of FS 36176 and 36251.

One plane is the boss bird with the unit designator on the fin and all three of the F-15C options have dual kill markings earned while with Eglin based units during Desert Shield/Storm as the USAF shot down fleeing Iraqi Air Force aircraft.

The set includes full color painting and markings guide and there are enough common markings included to do two planes. Decals are superbly printed by Cartograf and are free from printing errors.

March 2015

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