Caracal Models CD 48078: AF-2 Guardian

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Scott Van Aken

Released for the new Special Hobby kits, Caracal Models has provided us with markings for one of eight AF-2 Guardians. The vast majority of these planes are in overall gloss sea blue. These planes took over from Avengers and were in service for only a few years before being replaced by the S2F Tracker, a much more logical way to perform ASW.

The set consists of two pairs of hunter AF-2S and tracker AF-2W planes. The first is from VS-37 with the large sunburst on the tail. The other pair is from VS-931. Since the sheet constins markings for only one each of these units, you'll need two sheets to do the pair.

The next three options are all Naval Air Reserve planes. The aircraft from NAS South Weymouth and NAS Jacksonville are both from 1955 and have the international orange fuselage band typical of reserve planes of the time. Both of these are non-radar equipped AF-2S aircraft.

The third reserve plane is an AF-2W from NAS New York. This plane does not have the reserve band.

The final option is a fire bomber as operated by Aero Union in the 1960s. This plane was an AF-2S and was in unpainted metal with a large orange fuselage band and an orange nose. The fuselage band was outlined in black and those black bands are in the sheets.

Two sheets are provided with enough insignia for one of the military options and the markings for the fire bomber. Those wishing to do other military options can glean the insignia from the kit decals. The decals themselves are superbly printed by Microscale and since most of the markings are white, no worries about registration issues. As usual, a full color instruction booklet with lots of information on each option is provided.

July 2015

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