Caracal Models CD 48070: AF-1 (A-4M) Skyhawk

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Scott Van Aken


For their next sheet, Caracal Models has done a pair of Brazilian Navy AF-1 Skyhawks. These planes are ex-Kuwaiti A-4Ks that were refurbished and sold to Brazil. They operate from Brazil's aircraft carrier Sao Paulo, which was launched in 1963 as France's Foch and sold to Brazil in 2000 to replace its 40 year old WWII era carrier. The Sao Paulo has been undergoing continuous upgrade of its various systems and will undoubtedly remain operational for many years to come. The AF-1 Skyhawks have also been undergoing upgrades to remain viable weapon systems.

This particular sheet offers markings for two aircraft. One is a standard fleet aircraft while the other is a specially painted aircraft to commemorate 15 years of Skyhawk operations. This one will require a bit of painting on the part of the builder, especially the rear area. The special scheme plane is also in a gloss scheme using different greys than the fleet option. The sheet also includes the black area around the gun barrels and an additional decal to help the hawk head conform around the refueling probe housing.

For kits, The Hasegawa version is the one recommended. While the A-4KU or AF-1 boxing will provide some of the modified parts on the sprue, any other boxing will work just fine. Might also be able to use the Hobbycraft kit, though that would not be the primary option.

In all, a most welcome sheet for those who want something outside the norm.

September 2014

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