Caracal Models CD 48068: OV-10 Bronco

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Scott Van Aken

Caracal Models has just released a most welcome sheet for 1/48 modelers. This one is on the OV-10A Bronco, an aircraft that is infrequently seen and not exactly the darling of kit makers. Unless a new tool kit has been or will soon be out in this scale, the Hawk kit is still the only one. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to find and there are aftermarket bits for it.

There are eleven options on this sheet, with all the services that used it represented.

Starting with the USAF, we have an overall ADC grey version from the 19th TASS in Vietnam during 1970. As a note, pretty much all of these planes had white upper wings to make them easy to see by incoming strike aircraft. This one did not have a large black areas behind the exhaust that often became standard stuff.

Next, from 1985, is a 22nd TASS plane based at Wheeler Field in Hawaii. This one is in overall gunship grey and has a light blue fin cap.

Also in FS 36118 is one from the 19th TASS at Osan, Korea in 1986. It has a darker blue fin cap.

With the 20th TASS at Shaw AFB in 1992 is a Euro 1 painted aircraft with a red fin stripe.

Moving to the Marines, in FS 34097 over FS 16440 are two planes from VMO-6. One is based at DaNang in 1969 while the other was based at MCAS Futenma, Japan in 1970.

Next is a VMO-1 plane from 1974 based at MCAS New River in 1974.

The last Marine option is a VMO-2 plane from Camp Pendleton in 1980 with a broad band on the fin.

The Navy also operated the type. In standard USMC camo with lots of International Orange is one with NAS Pax River in 1974.

The other is in overall ADC Grey with VAL-6 based at Binh Tuy, Vietnam in 1970.

Finally a Venezuelan Air Force version in standard SEA camouflage. Both FAV and AMB markings options are provided.

The set includes full color painting and markings guide and there are enough common markings included to do several aircraft.

January 2015

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