Caracal Models CD 48064: F-100D/F in Vietnam pt 1

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Scott Van Aken

While most think of the F-4 or F-105 when it comes to the USAF in Vietnam, a great deal of the fighting in country was done by the F-100. Both the single and two seat versions were used, with the two seaters being mostly tasked with FAC or Wild Weasel missions. This sheet contains nine different aircraft, three of them being two seat F-100Fs. All are painted in the SEA camouflage scheme with white tail codes and serials except for the Wild Weasel option, which is quite plain. I've not kept up with F-100 kits in this scale so I think that you are limited to Monogram or Trumpeter for the single seat version and Trumpeter for the two seater. From what I gather, the Trumpeter kit's nose is too flat on the bottom, making the Monogram kit still the best shape on the market.

So here is what is on the sheet.

F-100D 56-3035 "Miss Dial", 306 TFS, Tuy Hoa

F-100D 56-3053 "El Viejo Cazador", 510 TFS, Bien Hoa. This option has a purple fin cap.

F-100D 56-3163 "Day Tripper", 308 TFS, Tuy Hoa

F-100D 56-3456 "Darlene's Dear", 355 TFS, Tuy Hoa

F-100D 56-2927 "Thor's Hammer", 309 TFS, Tuy Hoa

F-100D 55-2932 "Nashville Sound", 90 TFS, Bien Hoa

F-100F 58-1222 Misty FAC "Protester's Protector", 612 TFS Det.1, Phu Cat

F-100F 56-3764 Misty FAC, Phu Cat

F-100F 58-1226 (early Wild Weasel)

The sheet itself is superbly printed by Cartograf and provides enough data markings and insignia for two options, though you can always glean this for other options from the kit decal sheet. Instructions are in full color and provide web references to help your build. It also includes a comprehensive data placement diagram. Note that I have darkened the sheet somewhat to allow the white bits to be more easily seen.

Regardless of which one you pick, it is great to see a new sheet for this aircraft.

You can get this sheet direct from  As Caracal sheets tend to sell out rather quickly, I suggest picking one up soon.

November 2014

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