Caracal Models CD 48056: F-16 CAS Vipers

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Scott Van Aken

Caracal Models has come out with another excellent decal sheet for the F-16 and this time has picked a rather interesting subject. Over the years, the USAF and General Dynamics were working on a dedicated Close Air Support version of the F-16, perhaps to take over this role from the A-10. As such, on two different occasions, a series of aircraft were dedicated to the program and trials were done to test the concept.

The first batch of trials were commenced Hill AFB. In all cases the aircraft were painted in the Euro One paint scheme common with the low level mission. The sheet offers two Block I aircraft; one an F-16A and the other an F-16B. Both of these planes have the early tailplanes and a black radome.

The next time the mission was considered was when the F-16C Block 25 planes entered service. This time the trials were held at Nellis AFB and the sheet offers six options, five of them in serial number sequence, so these planes were fresh off the line. They are also in Euro One camouflage. One of the planes was later sent to Shaw AFB where it operated for a time wearing this scheme.

The final two options are for a General Dynamics F-16B which was the company demonstrator. This was one of the pre-production planes so has a small horizontal stabilizer.

The set includes full color painting and markings guide and there are enough common markings included to do two planes. There is no kit suggested which is fine as the markings are not kit specific. What you probably will have to do is find a set of early horizontal stabilizers for the block 1 options as most, if not all current kits use the larger version.

December 2014

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