Caracal Models CD 48046: USAF/VNAF A-1E Skyraider

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Scott Van Aken

Thanks to the recent reissue of the Matchbox 1/48 A-1E Skyraider by Revell, we now have a nice aftermarket sheet for this aircraft. These are all USAF or South Vietnamese Air Force aircraft. These are all ex-USN aircraft that were overhauled and repainted in the US with most of the carrier stuff removed and USAF mission items (like radios) installed. The set includes both the overall ADC Grey planes as well as those later camouflaged in the standard South East Asia four color scheme. These planes were rode hard and put away wet so unless you are modeling one fresh from overhaul, they should be pretty worn.

There are a total of nine options. The first three are in overall grey from the 1 SOS and 602 ACS during 1965 and 1966 before they were camouflaged. The next four are in SEA camouflage and cover a variety of units and codes. ONe is from the 4407 CTTS, the training unit in 1972, Next is a 1st ACS plane from Pleiku in 1967, followed by a 602 SOS plane at Nakhon Phanom in 1969. The fourth is a 1st ACS plane from Peliku in 1966. This is followed by two VNAF planes. One with the 414th FS at Bien Hoa, while the other is with the 518th FS also at Bein Hoa.

Below is a listing of the serials and names of the aircraft provided on the sheet.

A-1E 132649, (aircraft flown by Maj. Bernie Fisher during the mission that won him the Medal of Honor)

A-1E 132619, "Carolyn's Folly"

A-1E 135007, "Miss Pussy Galore"

A-1E 52-919

A-1E 135206, "Georgia Ann"

A-1E 132528, "War Monger"

A-1E 132612

A-1E 132628, VNAF

A-1E 132503, VNAF

The set comes with a full color camo placement and markings booklet as well as other information pertaining to each of the markings options. The decals are superbly printed by Cartograf.

January 2014

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