Caracal Models CD 48043: Patrouille de France

Units: Patrouille de France


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With the new Kinetic 1/48 Alpha Jet due to hit the streets soon, aftermarket folks are getting ready for it and this includes Caracal Models. This latest new sheet is the first in a series on World Aerobatic Teams and covers France's Patrouille de France, which flies the Alpha Jet.

The sheet covers all of the special schemes worn since 1993, these special markings pretty well being limited to the fin of the aircraft. The schemes include:

  • 40th anniversary of Patrouille de France special scheme (1993)
  • 50th anniversary of the end of WW II (1995)
  • France's presidency of the EU special scheme (2001)
  • 50th anniversary of Patrouille de France special scheme (2003)
  • 55th anniversary of Patrouille de France special scheme (2008)
  • 75th anniversary of French Air Force (2009)
  • 60th anniversary of Patrouille de France special scheme (2013)
  • Of course you can do a 'normal' plane from the years in between and by leaving off the under wing markings, can do a plane from earlier years. I saw them perform locally during the anniversary of the Statue of Liberty and was very impressed with their routine, which is nothing like what we in the US normally see with the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds. The sheet comes with a nicely done instruction book that ties in the serial numbers and the registration numbers from the 2013 season. The smaller sheet has separate registration and serials so if you have a photo, you can duplicate that aircraft.

    The decal set includes enough common markings a for one option. Please note that I have darkened the sheet to make the white more visible. Also note, the seats changed from Mk 4 to Mk 10 for the 2011 season. Not sure which seats come with the kit so some research may need to be done.  These decals are superbly printed by Cartograf, and the full color markings placement guide offers all you'll need to do a first class model.

    November 2013

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