Caracal Models CD 48042: A3D-2 Skywarrior

Units: VAH-1, 5, 6


$15.99 which includes US shipping


Scott Van Aken

This is the first sheet I have seen for the recent Trumpeter 1/48 Skywarrior kit. This one includes three early planes in the light gull grey over white scheme that came into being around 1956. These options are all similar in that they were without the in flight refuelling probe so you will need to remove the mounting plates  and the fairing for this feature from the kit.

The first option is from VAH-1 aboard the USS Independence in 1962. This aircraft has a black radome and black leading edge to the fin.

Next, a VAH-5 plane from the USS Forrestal in 1959. Note that the radome and fin leading edge on this one is a dark grey. This one is actually named, which is rather rare.

The Third option is for a VAH-6 plane. This one was aboard the USS Ranger in 1958. Black is the color for the radome and the fin leading edge.

The decal set includes enough common markings and insignia for one option. A nice inclusion to this set are the upper fuselage and wing walk areas. Thanks to the size of my scanner, I was unable to fit all three sheets onto the platen, but trust me, the wing walk decals are not short on one side! These decals are superbly printed by Cartograf, and the full color markings placement guide offers all you'll need to do a first class model.

July 2013

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