Caracal Models CD 48041: UF-1/HU-16 Albatross

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Scott Van Aken

This set of sheets from Caracal Models is for the new Trumpeter HU-16/UF-1 Albatross. This is the early version and this particuilar set of decals contains no fewer than options for six aircraft. The UF-1 (HU-16 after 1962) was the primary SAR aircraft for many air stations. Helicopters just did not have the range of the Albatross so it was widely used by both the Navy, Marines and the USAF. This sheet covers USN and USMC aircraft.

Because the instructions are in a booklet form, I had to pinch an image of all six options from the Caracal website.

FIrst up is an aircraft from NAS Norfolk in 1963. This one is in the standard white over engine grey scheme that were typical for these planes and for patrol aircraft as well.

Next is a similarly painted plane from NAF Naha in 1969. By this time, the planes had gotten large yellow sections. While the yellow bits are not in with the sheets, you do get the black border decals to use.

In a similar scheme from 1967 is an aircraft from NASU Iwakuni.

The overall engine grey aircraft with the big flag on the fin was assigned to the US Naval Attache in Oslo, Norway. Caracal includes the proper white outlined wing walk area markings for this and the last option.

Fifth is a rather colorful one at NAS Whidbey Island in 1962. This one has large areas of daglo on it.

Finally, a trainer version assigned to the US Naval Academy at Annapolis in 1959. This one is also overall engine grey and may have had a white or light grey nose radome.

The three sheets are superbly printed by Cartograf and the instruction booklet includes data placement guides as well as views for the usual painting and markings guide. Lots of different Navy air stations had these planes so basically, if you have a photo and can duplicate the station name on the fin, you can do something a bit unique.

August 2013

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