Caracal Models CD 48033: A-6A/E Intruder part 1

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Scott Van Aken

Caracal Models has brought out a most welcome sheet for the USN/USMC modeler with this new one on the A-6. There are a total of seven options on this one that includes six A-6As and one early A-6E. As you know, when the A-6 was initially produced, it had speed brakes on the side of the fuselage and these were perforated. It was discovered during production that these were not really needed so the actuating mechanisms were disabled. Later in production, this area was replaced with a simple sheet of aluminum. Many A-6As were upgraded to A-6Es and those that had the perforated speed brakes kept this feature. As far as I know, no aircraft built with these had them removed so you will frequently find photos of KA-6D and A-6E aircraft with this feature.

Here is a listing of what is on the sheet.

First up is an A-6A from VA-35 aboard the USS Enterprise in 1966 with a black radome and mission markings.

Next is with VA-165 aboard the USS Ranger in 1967, also with a black radome.

Another black radome is found on this VA-196 plane aboard the USS Constellation in 1967.

The lone option without the air brake is a VA-65 plane from the USS Independence in 1971.

Also from 1971 is a  VA-42 plane based at NAS Oceana. This unit was the east coast training unit.

The lone Marine on the sheet is from VMA-242 based at Danang in 1967.

Finally we get to the A-6E from the west coast training unit of VA-128 at NAS Whidbey Island in 1982. Note that this is an early A-6E without the FLIR  pod under the nose. It is a rebuild and has the perforated brakes.

The sheets are superbly printed and provide enough insignia and data markings for two planes. For kits you have 1/48 versions by Revell/Monogram for the E and Fujimi for the A. I am thinking there is one by Kinetic as well, though I'm not sure which version it is. Backdating the E is not difficult, though one does have to find a smaller rear fuselage scoop to replace the big one on the E. Regardless of which one you pick, it is great to see a new sheet for this aircraft.

You can get this sheet direct from  As Caracal sheets tend to sell out rather quickly, I suggest picking one up soon.

May 2013

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