Caracal Models CD 32016: OV-10D Bronco

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Scott Van Aken

Caracal Models has provided us with a very nice sheet for the recent Kitty Hawk 1/32 OV-10D Bronco. This particular sheet includes markings for four aircraft in three different schemes from three different units. The sheet includes sufficient basic markings for three planes and insignia for two if you choose wisely. You can always used kit decals if you wish to build more than one of these. I've used KH decals and they are fairly good, though not up to the standards of this sheet.

So we have for the first set of markings a YOV-10A based at the NATC in 1975. This was an aerodynamic test plane so does not have the FLIR turret. It also rarely carried the weapons sponsons. This is in the standard FS 34097 over 16440 with international orange wing and tail sections.

The next two planes are from VMO-1, which was also deactivated in 1993. First up is a more standard green/black/grey plane from 1991. The other is a plane from 1992 in the then-new TPS paint scheme. Note that the smaller decal sheet shown takes care of the lighter greys used for the first of these two options.

Finally, in the livery that Marine OV-10s wore for most of their careers is a plane from VMO-2 in 1993. This was the last year of USMC OV-10 operations and this plane carries the skinny tail codes the unit used in its last years.

The decals themselves are superbly printed by Microscale and the full color instructions include both upper and lower camouflage scheme guides. A set for the OV-10A is in preparation.

June 2015

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