Caracal Models CD 32015: OV-10A Bronco

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Scott Van Aken

In response to Kitty Hawk's new OV-10A Bronco, a number of aftermarket decals have been appearing for this kit. This set by Caracal Models covers a variety of time periods and all the services that used them. There are four markings options, each with a different camouflage scheme.

First up is a USAF plane in overall ADC Grey (FS 16473) with the 19th TASS in Vietnam during 1970. Aside from a small 1st Cavalry insignia on the nose, this one has no unique markings. No black area behind the exhaust, making this an easy paint. This option has a white upper wing.

Next is another USAF plane, this time from 1985 at Wheeler Field with the 22nd TASS. This plane is overall 36118 Gunship Grey. The tip of the fin is in light blue.

The third option is our lone USMC option. This aircraft is in 34097 Field Green over 36440 Light Gull Grey. It is with VMO-6 and was based at DaNang in 1969. This option also has a white upper wing.

Finally, a USN version from the short lived VAL-4. This aircraft is in the later scheme from 1970 and is painted overall Light Gull Grey. Spinners on this one are red. No white upper wing.

There are enough stencils and insignia to do at least one plane and perhaps two if one is the low viz aircraft from 1985. The markings are superbly printed by Microscale and Caracal provides a full color painting and markings guide with little notes on each option where required.

July 2015

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