Caracal Models CD 32004: ANG F-15C Part 2

Units: 101 & 186 FS


$15.99  which includes US shipping


Scott Van Aken

Caracal Models has done yet another fine sheet for the very big scale fan.  This latest one is another fine ANG sheet, this time, they have adapted their artwork from their 1/48 sheets for the 1/32 scale fans.

This particular set is for two ANG units. The first one is the 186 FS/120 FW, Montana ANG based at Great Falls. This unit was previously equipped with the F-16, but with many regular USAF units moving to the F-22, that left a lot of F-15s available for the ANG so Montana got the Eagle.

The other unit is the 101 FS/104 FW, Massachusetts ANG, based at Otis ANGB. This unit is also one of the first F-15 units, transitioning from the F-106.

The sheet provides options for two 186FS aircraft, one being the wing boss bird. For the 101 FS, a single option is provided. These are pretty current with the schemes dating from 2010 to 2012.

These are designed for the Tamiya kit, but may well fit the Revell kit, which is, I believe, the only other 1/32 Eagle kit out there. The decals are superbly printed and provide a full stencil and insignia suite for one aircraft. Instructions are superbly done and provide not only full color and markings guide, but any notes appropriate for each aircraft in terms of mods.

If you have a fondness for really big jet kits, then you should seriously consider this one for your next build.

April 2013

Thanks to Caracal Models for the review sheet. Get yours today from the link or have your local shop order it for you.

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