Caracal Models CD 144015: B-36 Peacemaker

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Scott Van Aken

After a fairly long absence from these pages, we have a new sheet from Caracal Models. This one is for the B-36 and includes no fewer than 20 different options, including one for the nuclear test bed plane. The B-36 served for a fairly short period of time as the B-52 did the job better and was easier to maintain. All the operational aircraft were in overall unpainted metal with some having a white underside. Some of the early planes had red 'arctic' markings.

So here is what's included:

RB-36H 51-5754, 72SRW, Ramey AFB 

RB-36E 44-92014, 72SRW, Ramey AFB

B-36F 50-1069, 6BW, Walker AFB

B-36F 49-2680, 6BW, Walker AFB

B-36D 44-92037, 42BW, Loring AFB

B-36J 52-2220, 95BW, Biggs AFB

GRB-36D 49-2692, 99SRW, Fairchild AFB

RB-36H 51-5729, 28SRW, Rapid City (Ellsworth) AFB

RB-36E 44-92020, 5SRW, Travis AFB

B-36A 44-92015 "City of Fort Worth", 7BW, Carswell AFB

B-36B 44-92028, 7BW, Carswell AFB

B-36B 44-92032, 7BW, Carswell AFB

B-36D 49-2652 "Petty Girl", 7BW, Carswell AFB

B-36D 50-1086 "Miss Featherweight", 7BW, Carswell AFB

B-36D 51-5734, 11BW, Carswell AFB - as seen in the movie "Strategic Air Command"

B-36D 44-92032, 325th BS, 92BW, Fairchild AFB

B-36D 44-92065, 326th BS, 92BW, Fairchild AFB

B-36D 44-92072, 327th BS, 92BW, Fairchild AFB

EB-36H 51-5726, 4925th Test Group (Atomic), Kirtland AFB

NB-36H 51-5712 nuclear reactor test bed



The set includes full standard markings for one aircraft. Note that there is a third decal sheet not shown that includes more serial numbers of various sizes and a set of wing/fuselage walk markings. There are kits available from Hobbycraft and Roden for this set. The decals themselves are superbly printed by Cartograf.

March 2022

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