Caracal Models CD 144005: B-52H Stratofortress

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Scott Van Aken

Despite its age, the B-52H continues to soldier on some fifty years after the first H model was delivered. Currently all are in the easy to paint overall gunship grey scheme. While aftermarket decals have not exactly been readily available, this sheet, with its 11 options, should help take care of that. All of the current operating units are covered.

This is what is included: 

B-52H 60-0059 "The Devil's Own" (96th Bomb Sqn commander's aircraft)

B-52H 60-0033 "Peace Persuader"

B-52H 61-0029 "SAC Time"

B-52H 60-0018 "POW-MIA"

B-52H 61-0017 "Lone Star Lady II"

B-52H 60-0023 "Bomber Barons" (23rd Bomb Sqn commander's aircraft)

B-52H 60-0053 "Louisiana Fire"

B-52H 61-0004 "Lobo"

B-52H 60-0022 "Deuces Wild"

B-52H 61-0008 "FDNY - We Remember"

B-52H 61-0007 "Ghost Rider"

The markings are printed by Cartograf so are a known high quality. You are provided sufficient markings for two aircraft and the sheet includes cockpit window decals. There are two good kits for this sheet by both Revell and Minicraft so finding one should not be difficult.

July 2018

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