Caracal Models CD 144003: B-1B Lancer

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Scott Van Aken

This particular Caracal Models sheet is for the  1/144 B-1B. To my knowledge, this kit was only produced by Panda and perhaps Dragon (probably the same kit). It can also be difficult to find, but if you have one of these, you have probably dispaired over the decals that come in the kit. They are not all that great.

Now you have the opportunity to actually build that kit as you have seven nice options. Most of the interest in bombers today is the artwork and I believe every B-1 has it. It is nice to see the two ANG units that briefly flew the type included on the sheet. So, here is what you have:

B-1B 85-0073 "Dark Knight", 9th BS, Dyess AFB

B-1B 86-0126 "Hungry Devil", 28th BS, Dyess AFB

B-1B 86-0121 "Symphony of Destruction", 37th BS, Ellsworth AFB

B-1B 86-0132 "Oh! Hardluck", 337th TES, Dyess AFB

B-1B 86-0139 "Dakota Queen", 34th BS, Ellsworth AFB

B-1B 85-0059 "The Last Laugh", 128th BS (Georgia ANG), Robins AFB

B-1B 85-0069 "Home Improvement", 127th BS (Kansas ANG), McConnell AFB

The decals are very nicely done by Cartograf and you are provided sufficient wing walk markings and other stencils for two complete aircraft. A nice placement guide is also provided. Well worth picking up if you have this kit in your stash.

April 2018

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