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Blue Rider AFS-005: Latvian Air Force 1918-1940


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Scott Van Aken



Here is another of the neat Blue Rider booklets with decals. This 2000 sheet covers the Latvian Air Force from 1914-1918. Obviously Blue Rider had a bunch of sheets from set BR 403 as that is over half of the decals in this one. Bit of a cheat as they could have done some other planes such as the Gladiator, or Bulldog, but no, they did not. That being the case, you can read about the planes on that sheet by following the link above and I can save a bit of bandwidth.

The other sheet covers three aircraft with some interesting markings as worn by the National Guard.

First of these is a Sopwith Strutter  from 1932.

Next is an SG-38 Glider circa 1939. As you can see, these markings are not at all like the ones used by the regular air force. If you recall the sheet of the AN-2 in National Guard markings from 1993, they are similar.

Finally the VEF I-16, an indigenous light fighter, carrying only insignia, from 1939. I know of no kit of this neat little aircraft unless there is some semi-obscure vacuform or resin release.

Availability is unknown, but if you have the inclination and can find this set, it would be well worth picking up.

November 2007

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet.

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