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AFS-003: Estonian Air Force 1918-1940


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Scott Van Aken



This 1999 production is probably more of a book with a decal sheet than a decal sheet with a 52 page set of instructions. The book provides a nice history of this small air force, with some great photos of the various aircraft as well as a listing of all the aircraft operated during this period. Excellent drawings are also provided and those are mostly what one uses for decal placement.

The book is in black and white, but the inside and outside of the covers are in color and on them are located color profiles to help out. No listing of available kits is provided, the publishers realizing that not only do these things change, but most modelers will be able to find what is needed if they really look.

Not in any particular order, there are markings for a Hawker Hart, Miles Magister, Spad VII, Halberstadt CL.IV, Avro 504K, Be.2E, Sopwith Camel and Sopwith Strutter. Each set of markings includes rudder stripes. They are printed by Blue Rider so are a known quality. Though some may have wished for other options, the drawings that are included will allow the builder to perhaps do some decal bashing to get the markings that are needed. these planes seem to have been somewhat devoid of anything aside from insignia and numbers.

Availability is unknown, but if you have the inclination and can find this set, it would be well worth picking up.

October 2007

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet.

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