Blue Rider BR 810: AN-2

Units: Latvian Army Reserve


Out of Production. 1996 sheet


Scott Van Aken

I'm not sure what the status of Blue Rider might be, but they produced many very interesting sheets from material provided in Insignia magazine. When the Iron Curtain fell and Yugoslavia was breaking up, it was a time of many interesting and very short lived markings.

One of those interesting aircraft came from the Baltic state of Latvia. One of their ubiquitous An-2s was given an 'X' insignia marking that was somewhat reminiscent of the red swastikas used before WWII. Of course, using those markings today would not be politically correct, and Latvia uses something quite different on their military planes. The markings were used in 1995 and this plane was spotted at Riga-Spilve during that time. From what little I've been able to find on the subject, apparently these markings are still current.

This aircraft was painted in an overall light grey. Italeri makes(made) a most acceptable An-2 and if this plane is something you find interesting, it is well worth seeking.

September 2007

Review copy courtesy of your editor and his collection.

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