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 Blue Rider BR 808: Ukraine Air Force 1992-94




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Scott Van Aken


1/72 Scale  (1994 issue)

One of the many ex-Soviet Socialist Republics was Ukraine. It is also probably the largest in terms of the number of aircraft and other military equipment that it inherited. This nation not only had a goodly number aircraft, but also nuclear missiles and was the only other nation to operate the Blackjack bomber.

In the early years, there appear to have been a number of different designs used and I'm not sure if even now things are totally standardized. Most of the markings are based on the trident design used by Ukraine in their first independent period of 1917-1920, before being taken into what was then the new USSR.

The sheet lists these insignia as A through H and they are split about half into roundels and shields. The instructions shown above have either images or descriptions of where these markings were observed and on what aircraft. There are anywhere from 4-6 of each type, which should be enough to do one aircraft, once photo proof has been found.

Just thought you might find stuff like this to be interesting.

October 2007

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