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 Blue Rider BR 807: Lithuanian Air Force (1994)




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Scott Van Aken


1/72 Scale  (1994 issue)

As I mentioned in earlier reviews, the early 1990s probably saw the forming of more Air Forces than any time since perhaps the end of WWI.

This sheet covers aircraft from the then new Lithuanian Air Force, one of the few ex-Soviet states that returned to their pre-WWII markings.

There are markings for three different aircraft on this sheet, all of them probably left behind by the departing Russians or given as part of some sort of reparations or feeling of good will.

First up is an Aero L-39 Albatros which was one of at least four in service at the time. Medium Earth, Light Grey Green and Mid Green over light blue with probably yellow on the nose, wing tanks and tail tip.

Next is a civil scheme Mi-8 in white with dark blue center and light grey undersides. Markings for both aircraft in service (basically a number swap) are provided.

Finally, the ubiquitous An-2 in overall olive green. Apparently markings in seven places.

A nice sheet and one for which there are a number of models available, some of them quite good.

Just thought you might find stuff like this to be interesting.

October 2007

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