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 Blue Rider BR 803: Serbian Air Forces




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Scott Van Aken


1/72 Scale  (1993 issue)

The early 1990s were an interesting time for insignia fans. Nations were popping up all over the place, and no where with more violence and hate than the former Soviet Union. People of different ethnic backgrounds who had been living peacefully together for decades now found themselves hating people they had once called neighbors and friends. All over a different religion and way of doing things. Stupid, I know, but that is much of the cause of conflict between men.

Anyway, back on track, one of the forces that was active in Bosnia-Herzogovina, were the Serbs, who made up much of certain areas of the region. In fact, from what I understand, much of the control of the former Yugoslavia was made up of Serbs, a large ethnic faction in the region.

During the Balkan bloodshed, at least two different Serbian air forces came into existence. One was from the Krajina region of Croatia, which had a helicopter police element; formal air forces being forbidden to them by the UN who had the region under their protection.

The other was a regular Bosnia Serbian air arm that included many of the aircraft operated by the JRV (Yugoslavian Air Force). There was also a Bosnian Serb Militia. This sheet has five aircraft from those two forces.

First is a Gazelle of the Serbian Krajina Militia, which was basically a civilian equipped aircraft. This unit also had an Mi-8. The tail flash was the same as the old Yugoslav Air Force.

The Bosnian Serb Militia had an AN-2 in overall dark green. This had the militia name on the fuselage and upper wing.

Finally the Bosnian Serb air force is represented by a Gazelle helicopter and Soko Galeb trainer/light attach aircraft. No serial is provided for the latter and they had insignia that was pretty well the same as used by the Yugoslav AF during 1992.

There are kits for all these types, though the one for the Galeb may not be the easiest to locate. I darkened the decal sheet image a bit so you could better see the white print.

Just thought you might find stuff like this to be interesting.

October 2007

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