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 Blue Rider BR 400: Lithuanian Air Force




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Scott Van Aken


1/72 Scale

This 1988 sheet is the first Blue Rider product I ever bought and still haven't used it, even after nearly 20 years. It still looks as fresh as the day I opened the packet.

It covers three of the more interesting aircraft from the Lithuanian Air Force. I think these subjects were chosen as much for the availability of kits as for anything else.

First is a Klemm 35B in what is shown as olive drab and white. The sheet provides the nice white wing sunburst. Huma does a kit for those wanting to give it a go.

Next is a Gloster Gladiator I. Heller and Matchbox both make acceptable Gladiators and I'm sure there are other kits as well. Overall aluminum lacquer with probably an olive drab upper wing.

Finally in overall olive drab with what appears to be aluminum lacquer on the underside of the wings, is this DH.89 Dragon Rapide. Heller for this one.

Overall it is a nice sheet that will add some interest to those who like early military aviation.

Review copy from my decal dungeon

October 2007

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