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 Blue Rider BR 245 for Jasta11 & 27 Fokker Dr.I




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Scott Van Aken


1/72 Scale

As with many WWI aircraft types, the Fokker Dr.I was liberally decorated with unit and personal markings. This particular sheet offers aircraft from Jastas 11 and 27.

The first plane is from Jasta 11. It has a red and white striped rear fuselage and tailplane with a red cowling. The rest of the plane is in standard colors of streaky olive upper surfaces and turquoise lower.

Next is Lt. Steinhauser's aircraft. It has a red cowling and a red and yellow fuselage band. The band on the main sheet is incorrectly printed red and white, so an addendum for these markings was included.

An unknown Jasta 11 plane is next. It has a red cowlings and the entire rear fuselage is painted in the underside color of turquoise. It includes on the fuselage side a swastika for good luck. As mentioned in a previous review, up until 1933, the swastika was an ancient good luck symbol.

Finally, Lt Klimke's Jasta 27 triplane. This one features a yellow cowl and tailplane with the Lt's anchor markings on the sided and tailplane.

Any of these markings will make your next 1/72 Fokker Dr.I a bit different from the usual red that one so often sees.


Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet!!

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