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 Blue Rider BR 237 for Jasta19 Fokker Dr.I




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Scott Van Aken


1/72 Scale

The Fokker Dr.I was a response to the successful Sopwith Triplane. The major advantage of this type of plane is that it had very good climbing abilities. The downside is that they were slower than the usual fighter of the time and required more than average skill to successfully pilot. However, they were used for a period of time in 1918 and equipped several Jastas.

This sheet is for Jasta 19. Like many other units, this one had a common coloring. In this case a yellow and black striped tailplane. Also like other units, the pilots often personalized their planes with other markings.

This sheet has three schemes on it. The first is Lt Rahn's Dr.I. It has a white cowling and white fuselage band. It has the standard camouflage for the Dr.I with streaky olive upper surfaces and turquoise undersides.

Next is an unknown plane from the unit with a white fuselage with yellow trim. The rest of the plane is in normal colors.

Finally, a triplane with a swastika personal marking (the swastika is an ancient symbol for luck. It wasn't until Hitler came to power that its meaning changed). It also has a white upper wing and white cowling.

With those yellow tails, any kit made with this sheet is bound to attract attention.

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet!!

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