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 Blue Rider BR 233 for Jasta 2 Fokker Dr.I




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Scott Van Aken


1/72 Scale

What I know about the Fokker Dr.I you could put into a fortune cookie! I do know that it wasn't very fast, it had a superb rate of climb (with three sets of wings, I'm not surprised), and it had quality control problems. In fact, almost all Fokker aircraft had quality problems. The fact that the company survived after the war is truly amazing as Anthony Fokker was actually brought up on charges because of it.

Anyway, for a brief period of time, it was one of the top-line aircraft of the German Air Service during WWI. Typical of WWI planes, these were generally highly decorated in one way or another. One of these units was Jasta 2 "Boelcke". They were distinguished by having the rear fuselage and tailplanes black on one side and white on the other. Most also had black engine cowlings though there were differences.

This sheet has four (well, sort of) aircraft on it. Any parts not painted with special markings had upper surfaces in the streaky green that Fokker used with undersides in turquoise.

First is Lt. Baumer's Dr.I, 294/17. This is distinguished by a red, white, and black fuselage banner and black wingtips.

Next is Lt Bolle's triplane. There are two schemes given for this plane, differing only in the national insignia used. Both had the yellow, white and black fuselage band.

Finally is Lt. Kempf's Dr.I with the K on the side and the name on the upper wing.

For kits you have the old Revell, the not so old Esci and the newer Eduard kit. I'd like to think that perhaps there is a Toko or Roden kit available, but I'm not sure of that. Which ever one is used, these are a great set of decals to use on them.

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet!!

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