JBOT 200-13-07 for 1/144 B.737-200

Livery: Zip Airlines




Scott Van Aken

This sheet is for any one of six aircraft in the Zip fleet. They have taken a clue from the old Braniff book of aircraft painting and have their aircraft in different colors. In addition to the three shown on the front of the instruction sheet, the other colors are blue, red and another pink. The JBOT sheet is for the Hasegawa 1/200 B.737-200 kit. Though it has been in and out of production for many years, it isn't that difficult to find at swap meets and from on-line auctions and other sources. This sheet is like others from JBOT in that it is done on an ALPS printer. It is quite crisply done and there is no registration problems. The sheet is covered by a single carrier so individual items will need to be cut out. You can use setting solutions on ALPS decals, but keep with the mild ones as the stronger ones may damage the metallic colors such as the silver surrounding the windows. One nice thing is that the model will be easy to paint. It is basically a single color with some polished aluminum bits. Should make for a neat model.

Review copy courtesy of JBOT Decals. Thanks for your support.

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