Blackbird Decals: Turkish War of Independence



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Scott Van Aken

This last new sheet from Blackbird Decals covers three aircraft that took part in the Turkish war of independence in 1919-23. The war was to remove the Entente powers from Turkey following WWI. As you can guess, this was successful and led to the Republic of Turkey in 1923.

Most of the aircraft used by Turkey during this time were those used in WWI and some that came into being just after and were captured.

First up is an Albatros D.III. This one is pretty well unpainted except for the underside that is in light blue. This one has the black national insignia. The Roden kit is recommended.

Next is a DH.9 in British colors of Dark Green upper with doped linen undersides. The modeler will need to paint the fin and rudder red prior to applying markings. For this the Ardpol kit is recommended.

Finally an Albatros D.Va also unpainted. For the wings and horizontal stabs, these are in doped linen. Again, Roden is the kit suggested.

There are other kits out there that will fill the bill as the markings are not such that they have to fit a specific kit.

 Instructions are very nicely done and in full color with a brief history on the back of the sheet. The decals are very nicely printed by Fantasy Printshop in the UK.

December 2009

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