Blackbird Decals: Agiri Rebellion "Kurdish Uprising"



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Scott Van Aken

Continuing with aircraft of minor conflicts, this one is from the 1927 Kurdish declaration of independence which endured for three years until the Turkish military decided to suppress the insurgency which it did in four months during 1930. One of the aircraft that saw use during this time was the Letov S-16. Two different though similar markings options are given and there are enough markings to do both aircraft. Turkish aircraft of the time were minimally marked, often without even having aircraft numbers. I

 Instructions are very nicely done and in full color with a brief history on the back of the sheet. The decals are very nicely printed by Fantasy Printshop in the UK. The modeler will need to paint the rudder red to match the decals. For kits, there is the old but still nice KP/KoPro kit in 1/72 that will fill the bill.

December 2009

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