Blackbird Decals Dominican Republic Uprising



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Scott Van Aken


It has been nearly a year since Blackbird Models produced their last decal, and continuing with those subjects rarely seen is this one for a pair of Mustangs. These are from the Dominican Air Force during the uprising of 1965. Both of these aircraft are in overall ADC Grey (FS 16375) with black anti-glare panels and canopy surrounds. The VHF radio mast will need to be removed and replaced with the flattened ADF antenna housing, something that can be easily fabricated from scrap plastic or epoxy putty. Dominican P-51 Ds were not exactly the most colorful as at this time, they just carried large insignia and large serial numbers on the wings.

This is all provided on the decals sheet. Instructions are very nicely done and in full color with a brief history on the back of the sheet. The decals are very nicely printed by Fantasy Printshop in the UK. For kits, there are a variety of Mustangs in 1/72 that will fill the bill.

December 2009

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