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Scott Van Aken

  For their second sheet, Blackbird Models has decided to do one on the Libyan Arab Air Force. This is a country about which little has been done in terms of modeling and that has now changed. The sheet provides markings for a variety of aircraft that are or have operated with the solid green insignia of the current regime. In addition to the specific serial numbers provided by the sheet, an additional batch of Arabic numbers are given for this sheet or perhaps some other projects, a nice touch. The sheet itself is very nicely printed by Fantasy Print Shop. Nothing overtly colorful in the markings; the planes will provide all of that.

The instruction sheet is very nicely done with a photo of the actual plane being modeled. I've provided a sample of that for you to see as well. Just about all of the aircraft are in a desert scheme of a light sand and a brown with many also including green in this for the upper surface camouflage. Undersides are a light blue. Aircraft being provided for on the sheet along with possible kits are:

Su-22M Fitter J - Italeri, Bilek, Pantera

C-130H Hercules - Italeri

MiG-23 ML - Italeri, Hasegawa, Zvezda

CH-47C - Italeri

Mirage F.1 - Hasegawa

Mirage 5D - Heller (modified)

Mi-25 Hind - Hasegawa, Hobby Boss, Italeri, Revell, Kitech

MiG-25 RBS - Hasegawa, Kitech with Blackbird Models conversion

MiG-25PD - Hasegawa, Kitech

Mi-8T - Hobby Boss, KP, Revel

Tu-22B - Revell

Of course, many of you will realize that you can use Matchbox or ESCI or Airfix or ICM for a few of these where it applies. I'm sure there are others that have slipped by me as well that could be used.

So there you have it, 11 great schemes for some of the less modeled aircraft. It is a great sheet and is one you really should consider for your next project.

January 2009

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