BarracudaCast BR 48009: Meteor large bore intakes

For: Classic Airframes kits


 $12.95 MSRP


Scott Van Aken

This set replaces the rather poorly done intakes on the Classic Airframes kits. Though CA is out of business, the kits are still rather easy to find. These are the large bore intakes seen on  some F.8, some T.7 and some TT.20s. These were also found on some of the night fighter versions. The larger intakes were to allow for the greater airflow required by the updated Derwent 8 and 9 engines. It is a good idea to have a photo of the aircraft in question to verify the intakes used. These are a straight replacement of the kit part and all one needs to do is sand away the rear to remove the excess resin that was produced during casting. Some thinning of the kit's intake walls would be a good idea as well in order to get a good fit. 

The resin is flawlessly cast and since BarracudaCast doesn't use mold release for its products, it is ready to paint. You'll also note that there is no mold seam to clean up.

If you have been putting off building that CA Meteor in your stash as you didn't like the way the intakes were handled, now you have no excuse.

My thanks to BarracudaCast for the review set. Visit them at for more info and to order your set.

May 2011

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