BarracudaCast BR 72287: Tu-22 Blinder Exhaust Set

For: Modelsvit 1/72 kit


$17.95 MSRP


Scott Van Aken

This very nice resin set from BarracudaCast is a replacement exhaust for the new Modelsvit 1/72 Tu-22 Blinder. As nice as the Modesvit kit is, there are areas for improvement and one of them is the exhaust. The set includes two sections of exhaust trunking, an inner and outer burner can assembly and two flameholder sections. These are a major improvement in detail over the kit bits and BarracudaCast includes full instructions with color images showing assembly. Though not designed for it, this set could be used on the older ESCI kit.

As with all BarracudaCast resin, the detail is top rate and the castings flawless.

June 2016


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