BarracudaCast BR 48270: RAF pilot Mid/Late War

For: Any applicable 1/48 kit


$11.95 MSRP


Scott Van Aken

Many modelers like to pose a pilot figure or figures next to their builds, especially when putting the model on a base of some kind. For those into mid-late war RAF fighters, we now have this superb figure. Sculpted by one of the best in the business, Mike Good, this figure has a full body with separate arms and head. The arms can be posed either with one hand on hips and one holding a cigarette (cigarette not included) or fussing with his helmet strap.

The figure come with full color painting images as well as a description of some of the more esoteric bits that will need to be painted. As you can see there is a very fine flash that will have to be removed and most of the parts can be easily separated from their pour stubs.

A super figure and one that will add that little extra to your next presentation.

January 2016


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