BarracudaCast BR 72331: P-40B/C main wheels

For: Any 1/72 P-40B/C kit


$4.95 MSRP


Scott Van Aken

This latest set of 1/72 small aircraft bits from BarracudaCast is for the Airfix, AML, Academy and Trumpeter P-40, but really, it will fit other brands as well though may need a bit of modifying. This set is smooth treat tires though others are also being done. One thing I did not know, until reading the instructions, is that these are handed. The little rectangle that goes through the axle hole is the key.

BarracudaCast provides a nice set of instructions that shows brake line wiring so that will be helpful to those of you who like to add those sorts of details. You may be interested in knowing that these wheels were fitted to a number of other Curtiss types. Visit their web page for more details.

January 2018

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