BarracudaCast BR 72316: Spitfire four slot main wheels (slot block tread)

For: Any 1/72 Spitfire kit


$4.95 MSRP


Scott Van Aken

Been a bit since I've seen any 1/72 small aircraft bits from BarracudaCast and so this one was particularly well received. This is a set of four spoke wheels for mid-late war Spitfires. As some of you know, the Spitfire used three, four, and five spoke wheels as well as those with a solid disc. They were interchangeable and usually one saw the same style on both sides.

This set is pre-drilled in the back for the Eduard kit, however, the set comes with some inserts so that you can drill them to whatever size axle you want to put them on. This is a great idea as it makes the wheels pretty well universal to 1/72 Spitfires.

This particular set has slot block tires. Detailing is first class and the set comes with instructions.

August 2017

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