BarracudaCast BR 72214: H.S. Red Top missiles

For: Applicable 1/72 kit


$9.95 MSRP


Scott Van Aken

This very nice resin set from BarracudaCast provides replacement missiles for those planes that used them, including Lightnings and the Sea Vixen. The missile was retired along with the Lightning in 1988.

BarracudaCast has provided two complete missiles in this set. It includes a sprue with the missile body and aft fins, two sprues with the forward fins and exhaust, along with a small clear sprue with the nose of the missile. Also part of the package is a sheet of decals along with full color assembly information that includes photos.

While most will use this for the new Airfix Lightning kits, they will fit the appropriate kits from other manufacturers without any real issues.

As with all BarracudaCast resin, the detail is top rate and the castings flawless.

December 2016

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