BarracudaCast BR 72212: Lightning F.2/6 Cockpit Set

For: Airfix 1/72 kit


$12.50 MSRP


Scott Van Aken

This very nice resin set from BarracudaCast is a replacement cockpit that is designed for the new tool Airfix Lightning kits. It states that it could be adapted for others so those wanting to do something with their Hasegawa kits might find this useful. It is quite reasonably priced and worth picking up several if you are a fan of the type. You will have to do some minor adjusting to the kit inorder to get it to fit properly, but it is little more than a bit of scraping.

In addition to the superbly cast tub, there are sidewalls, instrument panel and shield, a nice bang seat the area to the back of the canopy and some other bits and pieces. The Lightning cockpit is listed in the instructions as Ocean Grey. The set comes complete with full color instructions and a full color image of the ejection seat to help you in painting. There is even a small decal sheet with instruments for the main panel.

As with all BarracudaCast resin, the detail is top rate and the castings flawless.

December 2016

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