BarracudaCast BR 32461: Spitfire IX (late) Aerovee Carb Intake

For: Revell 1/32 kit


$11.95 MSRP


Scott Van Aken

Revell's recent 1/32 Spitfire IX was much awaited by modelers. However, a good look at it showed that there were a lot of short-cuts taken in terms of accuracy. One that is painfully obvious is the carb intake. The kit's is simply a cut off piece with no real intake lips nor is it the correct shape. In short, it is a joke. This piece is a correction for that. It does require a bit of trimming to get ready to install, both on the kit and the part itself. However, the result is vastly superior to what was provided in the kit.  Well worth picking up for your kit.

June 2021

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